Trust & Safety


Each user on Suburbiya has a profile providing you confidence to buy and sell online.


Communicate securely using our messaging system to confirm finer points without sharing personal information


Inbuilt rating & feedback system provides background on past history

Buyer Safety

Review Seller Profiles

Take a look at the user’s profile. Some things you can look for are past ratings, a photo, and background.

Review description and photo closely

Sellers are required to include 1 photo of their items for sale as a minimum. Review description to see if it matches the photos. If you’re unsure, ask questions though our online messaging. If the item doesn’t meet our community rules, report via

Communicate within Suburbiya

Please make every attempt to keep communication within the Suburbiya platform as this allows us to protect your personal information, fraud and any security concerns. The seller may not have seen your message as yet if you haven’t received a message as yet to your query. Feel free to send a follow up message or contact other sellers with similar items. If you do have a change of heart, please send a message to the seller a courtesy note.

Confirm location to meet and exchange items

Suburbiya has been built for local buyers and sellers in neighbourhoods. We would recommend meeting in person (like any garage sale or purchase through another local classified site) to exchange items. If you’re exchanging high value items, consider meeting at a safe location. When the meeting location and time have been set, inform the other person that you’re on your way and provide them with an approximate estimated time of arrival. If you’re running late, please let the other person know so that nobody is kept waiting.

If you’re buying a large or heavy item

We recommend attending with a friend or family member if you feel it’s necessary for heavy items e.g. loading couch to truck etc.

Community mindset

As Suburbiya is a local marketplace for neighbours to exchange goods (and this might include old items, used, damaged, etc), sometimes the transactions don’t quite work out or meet expectations. It’s however important to be courteous and considerate of each other and foster the community together. There’s always another item that might find you fancy down the track. If you ever feel unsafe, please contact the local authorities as soon as possible.

Purchasing Items

You will find following tips useful when you’re looking to purchase an item:

Photos & Description

Ensure the description matches the photos displayed. Is this an actual photo of an image from a catalogue? If the description isn’t clear enough, ask questions from the seller through our messaging system. The condition of the item should also be outlined: new, 2nd hand, damaged, etc. If you’re comfortable with the description and the photos match the item, you can make an offer to purchase the suggested item. You can always negotiate the price will the seller. Once you arrive at the price, set a meeting location that suits both parties. If you’re looking to purchase Jewellery or any technical items, we recommend you ask an expert to inspect the item with you.


Payment can be completed using our secure payments system if both parties would prefer not to deal in cash. If the payment system is used, we do charge a 9% commission to the seller of the eventual transaction. All transaction should occur in person rather than being mailed or shipped to ensure both parties are comfortable with the item upon inspection. Most of all, we’re a local community marketplace and we’ve built Suburbiya to share your items in your local neighbourhoods. We recommend not to use money transfer services such as Western Union as these payments can be risky. Once a sale is made, it’s final. Make sure you’re comfortable with the item and everything is in functioning order. If you’re not comfortable with the item after you inspect it, you don’t need to go ahead with the purchase.

Seller Safety

Best practices for selling items

Describe the item accurately and clearly to potential buyers

Your objective here is to create an amazing post that lots of potential buyers will flock to. Include clear photos of the item so that buyer expectations are met when they come to see it in person. Include the condition of the item: brand new, 2nd hand, damaged, etc and of course make sure you don’t list any prohibited items.

Review profiles of buyers and Communicate

Suburbiya ensures each user has a profile. Review the profile of each buyer to make sure you’re comfortable with dealing with them and to see if they have a negative ratings or reviews in the past. Use our secure messaging system to clear up any finer points on the transaction so both parties are comfortable. We recommend all communication is made on our platform to keep you safe from fraud and security issues. Remember you’re not obliged to deal with any users if you’re not comfortable with them.


Buyers may not be willing to pay the asking price you’ve suggested but they might consider a different price. Using our messaging system, we encourage you to negotiate with buyers to both parties satisfaction. Inoder to negotiate, promptly reply to any message and stay engaged. If the offer is too low, there will always be more buyers interested.

Select where to meet

We always encourage buyers and sellers meet in person when exchanging goods rather than through mail or shipping as this avoids any disappointment. Your safety is paramount for us, so if you don’t feel comfortable for a buyer to attend your home then we recommend meeting at a public place. If at any point you have fears for your safety, please contact the local authorities.

Community mindset

Suburbiya has been built for those of us in our neighbourhoods to easily transact and exchange items with trust. There’s no obligation for a buyer or a seller to go ahead with a transaction so be respectful if this was to happen. There will always be sellers that will be interested in your item down the track.